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AG Healey Sues Companies Over Unsafe and Illegal Asbestos Work in Everett, Braintree, and Revere

Building On General Iron Owner's Property Collapsed With Asbestos Inside — But The Company Didn't Tell The City For Months  Block Club Chicago

ARP putting up posters to raise awareness of asbestos exposure  The Western News

Agencies: Asbestos wasn't properly abated during Conrad Building demolition; fines handed out

City seeks funding for asbestos removal at YMCA building  Clinton Herald

Venable mass torts trial trio heads to Womble in Baltimore - Reuters
Womble Bond Dickinson has expanded its mass torts practice with three longtime Venable lawyers in Baltimore who have experience defending clients in asbestos-related litigation, the firm said Thursday.

EXCLUSIVE J&J exploring putting talc liabilities into bankruptcy-sources - Reuters
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N) is exploring a plan to offload liabilities from widespread Baby Powder litigation into a newly created business that would then seek bankruptcy protection, accordi…

U.S. House subcommittee asks J&J for info on baby powder bankruptcy plans - letter - Reuters
A subcommittee of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform has asked Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N) to show it all documents related to plans to put its talc liabilities into bankruptcy,…

South African court upholds top ANC official Magashule's suspension - Reuters
South Africa's high court on Friday dismissed an application by the secretary general of the governing African National Congress (ANC) party, Ace Magashule, to have his suspension set aside.

Musician’s widow sues BBC over his exposure to asbestos in studio
Broadcaster admits liability over death of symphony orchestra horn player who worked for 36 years at Maida ValeThe BBC is being sued by the widow of a member of its symphony orchestra after he died from cancer caused by him playing in an asbestos-riddled corp…

Teachers and parents: what’s the condition of your school buildings?
We would like to hear from teachers and parents about the condition of their school buildings and how it has changed in recent yearsA recent audit of the condition of schools buildings in England found that the repair bill had risen to more than £11bn, which …

Nightmare insurance claim as family forced to move six times
After a water leak damaged their home, Direct Line arranged successive temporary housing … over eight traumatic monthsThe text message told Aayan Mirza* that he had an hour to pack his family’s possessions and leave. They had been living in temporary accommod…

Death Toll In Condo Collapse Rises To 86 As Recovery Work Speeds Up
Seventeen days into responding to a condominium collapse in Surfside, Fla., officials cite progress in identifying victims and those still unaccounted for.

CDC: Vaccinated People in COVID Hotspots Should Resume Wearing Masks
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued updated guidance on Tuesday recommending that vaccinated people wear masks in indoor, public settings if they are in parts of the U.S. with substantial to high transmission, among other circumstances. From…

J&J mulls offloading lawsuits from Baby Powder to new company and bankrupting it: sources - Global News

  1. J&J mulls offloading lawsuits from Baby Powder to new company and bankrupting it: sources  Global News
  2. EXCLUSIVE J&J exploring putting talc liabilities into bankruptcy-sources  Reuters
  3. Exclusive: J&J exploring putting talc liabilit…

    Dark Alliance interview — A shard (or more) of Dungeons & Dragons lore
    Dark Alliance may be an action-RPG (with emphasis on action), but Tuque Games developed a great deal of story to build upon existing D&D lore.

    Civil-rights attorney Ben Crump and Black women's organization file lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over talc baby powder product
    The suit, filed in New Jersey's superior court, alleges Johnson & Johnson targeted Black women who "were more likely to use the Powder Products."

    A beautiful memorial to 4989 Irish lost to COVID-19
    Artist Asbestos shares this touching tribute to the far too many Irish lost to COVID-19 during this awful global pandemic. Over 10 days in June I painted a figure made up of 4989 individually painted burnt matches on the side of a building in the centre of…

    Ben Crump files lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson on behalf of Black women
    The company has denied its products cause cancer.

    A Year in the Metabolist Future of 1972 (2014)
    After living in Tokyo's iconic Nakagin Capsule Tower for almost a year, two architects reflect on the anachronistic remnant of a past future.

    Death toll reaches 86 in Surfside collapse. Site to be cleared ‘sooner than expected’
    First responders continuing the search and recovery mission in the debris of the collapsed Surfside condo tower on Saturday morning worked through a...

    Make Humanity Great Again!
    Take back control.

    Inside The Freak-Out Housing Market Of Upstate New York
    In the past year, the real-estate market has — well, gone berserk.

    Boys Scouts Reaches $850 Million Settlement With Abuse Survivors
    The Boy Scouts of America reached settlement with a major group of sex-abuse survivors, a defining moment in the organization’s bankruptcy case.

    Analysis: U.S. companies spend billions on stay-at-home tech, boding ill for office properties - Reuters
    As the U.S. economy reopens, ramped-up corporate spending on video systems and plans to increase shared workspace suggests hybrid work is here to stay, potentially weighing on commercial property prices in New York, San Francisco and other major cities.

    Defendants involved in Massachusetts standoff in court
    Some of the 11 people charged in connection with an armed standoff along a Massachusetts highway last weekend, including the purported leader of the group...

    'Rise of the Moors': What to know about the group
    Eleven people armed with long guns who claimed to be a part of group called "Rise of the Moors" were arrested following a standoff with Massachusetts police Saturday.

    Meet Rise of the Moors, an Armed Militia That Had a 9-Hour Standoff With Cops
    Eleven men were arrested after driving through Massachusetts with guns and tactical gear. They say they did nothing wrong.

    New York’s patchwork recovery masks vast inequities laid bare by Covid
    There are signs of renewal in a city that has weathered crisis after crisis, but what its future looks like remains an open questionFor most of the past year, Manhattan’s signature yellow cabs have been a rarity on the avenues and cross-streets. Now, as the c…

    Massachusetts I-95 standoff was with Rise of the Moors militia, police say
    • ‘Sovereign citizens’ charged with firearms offenses
    • Troopers recover AR-15s, pistols and other weapons
    Massachusetts state police said 11 people who were arrested following an hours-long armed standoff that partially shut down Interst…

    Watch the Trailer for the Dash Snow Documentary ‘Moments Like This Never Last’
    The VICE Studios-produced film is a time capsule of Lower Manhattan's post 9/11 art scene.

    The Economic Risks of Anti-Vaxxers
    One of the favorite parts of my job is thinking about issues in ways other people often do not. That might include identifying where consensus may be wrong (Inflation, Urban Exodus, Insurrections) or market values responding differently initially than expecte…

    Child protective services do work, but they are unevenly distributed
    Roughly one in seven New York City children suffer confirmed mistreatment at home and many are placed in foster care. But relatively few children are permanently separated from their parents by the termination of parental rights, according to new research fr…

    Artist Dash Snow Profiled in 'Moments Like This Never Last' Trailer
    "Being free, to Dash, was everything." Utopia Media has debuted an official trailer for a documentary called Moments Like This Never Last, a profile of the New York artist Dash Snow. Directed by photographer Cheryl Dunn, this first premiered last year at DOC …

    Police used sonic blast during highway standoff...
    Police used sonic blast during highway standoff... (Third column, 3rd story, link) Related stories:MIT Predicted in '72 Society Will Collapse This Century. Research Shows on Schedule...

    ‘A wild 15 months’: Pandemic spurs conversion of offices to labs
    The collateral damage of this remote work revolution has been millions of square feet of vacant office space.

    Hope, horror and Covid-19: my 23 years as the Guardian’s health correspondent | Sarah Boseley
    I’ve travelled the world covering everything from HIV to MMR to Ebola… and then Covid came along. These are stories that changed me – and the worldShe was tall, wrapped in a green patterned dress that clung to her legs and ended just above dusty flip-flops. I…

    Here’s Why 2 Major Health Centers Won’t Carry Controversial New Alzheimer's Drug
    The FDA approved Aduhelm last month, but the treatment remains controversial.

    Why Brands Love Sports: Fans Are Innovative, Progressive, Social, Upscale And Diverse
    Brands like AdventHealth and Bud Light love Tampa Bay Lightning fans for the same reasons sponsors love home team fans everywhere: It pays off. Research from YouGov shows fans are more likely to be innovative & progressive, socially outgoing, and upscale & d…

    Arraignment hearings begin for 'Rise of the Moors' members accused in highway standoff - WCVB Boston
    A group of men accused of gun crimes in connection with a long, tense highway standoff in Wakefield over the weekend filed through a courtroom in a series of bizarre hearings Tuesday afternoon.

    ‘Rise of the Moors’ member Quinn Cumberlander rejects authority of Malden court, declines interview with lawy -
    1. ‘Rise of the Moors’ member Quinn Cumberlander rejects authority of Malden court, declines interview with lawy
    2. Massachusetts militiamen to appear in court over hours-long armed interstate standoff incident  Fox News
    3. De…

      What we know so far about the ‘Rise of the Moors’ members arrested on I-95 -
      1. What we know so far about the ‘Rise of the Moors’ members arrested on I-95
      2. Massachusetts militiamen to appear in court over hours-long armed interstate standoff incident  Fox News
      3. Rise of Moors members appear in a Massa…

        Some Defendants Involved In Massachusetts Standoff Ordered Held Without Bail - WBUR
        1. Some Defendants Involved In Massachusetts Standoff Ordered Held Without Bail  WBUR
        2. Defendants involved in Massachusetts standoff in court  Fox News
        3. Alleged leader of group involved in I-95 standoff ordered held without bail  The Bo…

No Asbestos Removal Project Is Too Large or Small! Serving: Wakefield, NY since 2005.

Asbestos Removal Company!

In Wakefield, NY, JV Contracting takes up almost any asbestos-abatement endeavor, regardless of how big or small in regards to asbestos-abatement. Our asbetos removal handlers in Wakefield understand the questions of safety associated with having asbestos-abatement located in your home, and that is why we take on all jobs concerning asbestos-abatement and appropriately dispose of it for our customers.

We are a locally owned company that has been in the asbestos-abatement service in Wakefield as well as the area of Wakefield for over a decade. Our asbestos-abatement technicians are licensed, bonded, insured and endure constant training on how to properly asbestos-abatement and follow the the tight standards for removing asbestos within the city of Wakefield. We never hire out the work and the people who arrive on the job are JV Contracting hourly employees who care to go the extra mile to make sure the job is done correct based on local and state specs.

When you need fast asbestos-abatement for your home or business in Wakefield, we're on call 24/7 convenience. We offer additional asbestos-abatement services besides asbestos-abatement. Our Wakefield asbestos-abatement handlers are trained in asbestos-abatement analysis, asbestos-abatement management, abatement, demolition, containment, disposal and all related services for asbestos-abatement in Wakefield for residential and commercial properties; schools, churches, and large industrial sites.

Wakefield Asbestos Removal Professionals

JV Asbestos is a genuine innovator within the asbestos-abatement environmental industry. Each of our asbestos-abatement handlers that work in the Wakefield, NY area are knowledgeable, certified, and licensed to manage your property or business environmental problems. Telephone 914-494-5886 to schedule for testing today.

If you are looking for a quality asbestos-abatement handler in Wakefield, NY, you have come to the right place. We assess and remove asbestos from insulation, tiles, ducts, boiler insulation, electrical wiring insulation, and ceiling and floor tiles asbestos insulation. We work in compliance with federal and state laws to ensue the procedure is performed properly without exposing harmful fragments of dangerous asbestos particles into the surrounding area.

Asbestos can harm any individual living inside a house or building that contains asbestos. As time passes, asbestos particles breakdown and induce severe breathing problems when it's released in the environment. The best way to make sure you are protected, you'll need a qualified asbestos-abatement handler. Only at JV Asbestos in Wakefield, our techs will carefully locate and take away all strains of this health hazard all at an affordable quote .

If you would like to renovate an older dwelling, open a new restaurant in Wakefield, or you only want to check your house for asbestos, we're the asbestos-abatement to phone in Wakefield, NY. We arrive promptly, respond to all your questions, and address all your worries concerning the methods for asbestos-abatement .

We will assess the area and get the job done within your budget to be sure your property is free of asbestos. We exercise the best methods of asbestos abatement in accordance with OSHA and the EPA guidelines. Our reputation continues to grow over the years for being an honest company that offers asbestos-abatement within Wakefield that you can rely on. Our customer customer reviews speak for themselves.

Don't take the chance of hurting your health and wellbeing. In the end, our asbestos-abatement in Wakefield can serve to keep you and your loved ones from long-lasting asbestos exposure. Call our Wakefield asbestos-abatement pros today at 1-914-494-5886.

Asbestos Inspection

We execute a thorough assessment of your dwelling to identify asbestos materials. Asbestos occurs in a number of building materials such as insulation, plaster, floor or ceiling tiles, plaster, ductwork, roofing shingles, adhesives, and more. These types of materials are not dangerous if it's in good shape and untouched. They only turn out to be unsafe if the materials are disturbed or damaged so that asbestos fibers are released in the air where they could be inhaled. Incorrect removal could raise the health threats to you and your household.

Testing for Asbestos- having asbestos testing done will verify whether you have asbestos materials or not. According to the number of sections of concern, a specimen will be taken and sent to a lab that's certified to analyze toxic materials. The moment the results are in, then a course of action will be established. You can expect complete line of asbestos-abatement service for all your needs.

Our asbestos-abatement staff is standing by to take your calls.Dial: (914) 494-5886!

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